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The dreadful alarm begins its beep, beep, beeping and what do you do? Do you roll over and grab your Bible or do you roll over and grab your phone for the latest and greatest updates from facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram?

For along time Pinterest had become my morning cup of coffee (I don’t actually drink coffee but you get the point…)! When I would finish pinning all the cuteness I would be out of room in my schedule for God time. So I had to make some changes one of them being accountability with you to CHOOSE GOD 1ST!

Pin God 1st is our daily challenge to choose God before social media. Use this calendar and read just a few verses each day BEFORE you check on any updates. That means if you can’t do Bible reading till 10:30 a.m., 2 p.m. or 10 p.m. then you can’t check social media till AFTER your reading is done. My guess is you will figure out how to get your Bible reading done.

For July we are going to be partnering with Summer of Joy! Summer of Joy is joint project with Writer, Britta Lafont to bring you a fully loaded joy tool box. It will support you in a quest to dance through life with joy that comes from The Lord.

Starting June 2nd there will be an activity idea bookmarks, a Spotify playlist, a Pinterest Board, and more coupled with these daily Bible reading bookmarks. Together these tools will guide you in cultivating joy so that you can reflect Jesus in your daily life.

Here is the June 29 – July 19th  and July 20th – August 2nd reading plan or
download it from Google Drive.

July pg 1

July pg 2

 P.S. The cute flower graphic is from We Live Happily Ever After. Her stuff is so sweet!!! 

I hope you will enjoy sharing this goodie via social media so that other mamas can be reminded to choose God 1st in their day.

You can use #PinGod1st to help spread the word!

I would encourage you to try the below technique for hearing God through the scriptures:

1. Read the scripture once and ask yourself what word or short phrase jumps out at you first?

2. Read the scripture again but this time read it out loud and ask yourself what word or phrase jumps out at you during the second reading? (It might be the same as step one)

3. Read the scripture a third time and this time write down what word or phrase jumps off the page at you. After you are done reading write down what you feel like God is trying to say to you through His Word. (Again, it might be the same as step one or two. It also might not be. Trust God.)

If you ever have questions or ideas please

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