How was Africa?


How was Africa? It has been the question of the week. I have searched all the adjectives in my arsenal and there is not one word that can sum up Africa. My mind has felt like a globe being spun out of control as I try to capture the “how was Africa?” answer. The best I have is that it felt like I was constantly in a state of between-ness. I know that is not a word but that is how I roll.  I felt between spoiled and irritated, as I watched hours upon hours of movies on the 44 … [Read more...]

April Printables!

April slider

Thank you for your prayers and support while I was on the blog Hope adventure. Honestly, as much as I had mentally prepared for the re-entry to be hard it is even harder than I was hoping. My husband calls me daily to check on me. I think he fears I have fallen asleep and the kids are coloring on the walls. I have a few more posts in me about the journey but I need to be able to stay awake long enough in the evening to actually get them written. Crossing my finger for that to happen one of … [Read more...]

Why I Don’t Love Africa.


My brother in-law is one of the co-founders of Invisible Children, my sister in-law is in the midst of adopting from Ethiopia, and my father in-law trains men in Ethiopia in the ways of small business and provides them start up money. Some of our closest friends adopted their little girl from Ethiopia 4 years ago and she is an integral part of our lives and some of our other dearest friends are in the process of becoming missionaries in Africa. I have a lot of love for Africa surrounding … [Read more...]

Red Rover, Red Rover Send Your Jeans On Over.

painted shoes

You: What if going to Africa isn’t in my future? Me: What my eyes are seeing is certainly shocking and heart breaking. Poverty is plentiful here. But, I am also still very well aware of home. My family and the mission field of my children rule over my heart. If you remember, when I started this journey, I never imagined going to Africa. It wasn’t whispering to me. But I am certain that God placed the ministry of Sole Hope in my path on purpose. What I absolutely love, love, love about … [Read more...]

Intoxicating Touch


Touch. Touch is enticing. Intoxicating. Healing. Soothing. Powerful. A new bride slipping into her wedding night bed. A new life emerging and being placed bare on a mother’s chest. Hands wiping tears from a pain filled face. Fingers intertwining in support, love, and encouragement. Touch. People would go to great lengths for a simple touch from Jesus. They knew there was healing power in the touch. Today my hands touched. They didn’t mean to. They started … [Read more...]

From: A child in Wakisi


I am a child. I live in the village of Wakisi. Wakisi is in Uganda. Uganda is in a continent called Africa. This is where I am a child. I am a child just like your children. I love to laugh. I go to school. I play. I like to be tickled. I think peek-a-boo is funny. I like to learn new things like patty cake. And I smile when you sing your silly songs at me. But here in my village evil lurks. And it lurks in a place that you wouldn’t expect. It lurks in … [Read more...]

Dear God, I know.

lake victoria guest house 1

God, Last night after 19 hours on planes I laid my head down in Entebbe, Africa. I know, I was with you.  I didn't really sleep. I just laid there trying to sleep. I know, I saw you.  Between the dogs howling, the critters crawling around, wondering if Logan was going to make stand-by, and all the other things rambling in my head I was having a hard time resting. I know, I heard you.  AND then the rains came. I know, I made them.  I mean sheets and sheets and … [Read more...]

Turning My Wishes into Blessings.


I am about to spend 13 days with my friend, and boss for Allume but we prefer the friend definition, Logan! We will be adventuring together with Sole Hope for #blogHope. We are kinda giddy about getting to spend this much time together. So here is the deal with Logan. She is vivacious, dynamic, outgoing, and a risk taker. She speaks from her heart and she speaks her mind. She connects people, attracts people, and has zero fear of meeting people. She is dreamy! Everyone seems to know Logan or … [Read more...]