Whistle While You Work.


One surefire way to know whether or not you are on the wrong track is to watch your children. When my daughter began praying each morning at breakfast, "Dear Lord, please help us to finish school early, so we can have some fun today" (OUCH!)...I knew I was doing something wrong. At first blush, I could have decided I was a terrible homeschool teacher. I have a tendency to doubt myself in most things, but surprisingly, I didn't go there. Because, while I am no "Teacher of the Year", my … [Read more...]

STOP Drowning in Your Day!

pocket plan 2.1

Monday Britta shared her story on living life with a Joy sucking schedule and I am so thankful. The facts is that  she is not alone in this battle. I often hear in a first session with clients: I reach the end of my day and don’t feel like I have done enough. or…. My day feels so overwhelming that I don’t even know where to start so I just give up. or… I spend my days doing laundry and to-do’s and never get any quality time with my family. or… I work all day so … [Read more...]

Abiding in Our Schedules


For many years I've walked a tightrope between being a slave to, or being run over by, my schedule. I've been relentless in my pursuit of check marks OR I've been a little duckling crossing I-10...and here comes that 18-wheeler! It all comes from this: This year I have committed to learning to live and work in a healthier balance. The upside is that, since I struggled for so long with this problem, I have had plenty of time to think and learn about it! So here are some helps I have … [Read more...]

Create Joy in Relationships.

Joy in Relationships

Last week we looked at what happens when joy grows legs and up and runs away on us and during tough seasons it is always interesting to observe what people do inside their relationships. What do you do? Do you run towards your closest friends or lock yourself in a closet wondering if anyone will notice that you are missing? Do you utilize the power of prayer or choose to stay up late watching mindless TV worrying about what tomorrow will bring? Do you engage God more or do you kick … [Read more...]

Generosity of Joy


Do you ever find yourself nit-picking your friends, your children, your husband? There are definitely times when I can be a little snarky with my husband. When he gets home, he leaves a trail from the front door to the kitchen of the mail, his work out clothes, his lunch dishes...you name it. This is funny, coming from him, because he is so particular about other things, like being on time. He loves to say, and have my kids chime in with him (in unison): "If you're not 10 minutes early, … [Read more...]

July Printables

july printables

July. July! What? It is July!!!! July means I only have one month and a few days before my little man enters Kindergarten. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...Sorry, I have mini mama freak out moments when I think too hard about it. July. July equals lots of happy, happy in our house! 2 family vacation, a planning retreat for a new adventure you will hear more about, and space camp for the above mentioned little guy. July also means Britta Lafont and I are continuing are Summer of Joy … [Read more...]

My Joy Is MIA! What Now?


I was a first born, rule following, kid. IF by chance I didn’t follow a rule my conscience talked to me so loudly that I would run to my mama with tears in my eyes and spit out a blubbering confession (ex: the time I shaved my legs on a dare at a slumber party in the 5th grade.) AND I didn’t just rat on myself I would rat on ANY kid who might have possibly broken a rule. Yep, I was your super classic good girl. I can remember getting invited to a “cool kid” party in the 7th grade and … [Read more...]

Abiding in Obedience.


I LOVE the movie The Princess Bride (amazon.com link). There is a great scene where the villain, Vizzini, keeps saying that what he sees and hears is, "Inconceivable!" He uses this word it again and again, and what he is doing amounts to denying the obvious. Finally another (great) character tells him, "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means." And in case you have been living under a rock, and have somehow missed this iconic movie, here is a montage of the … [Read more...]